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    In the fall of 1878 at Creedmoor, the Model 1878 Borchardt was used in a total of sixteen matches, including the International Long Range Match - and won first prize in twelve of those matches. J. S. Sumner shot a 221 out of a possible 225 at 800, 900, and 1,000 yards. The Wimbleton Cup was won with a Borchardt Long Range Rifle when Frank Hyde shot 143 out of a possible 150 points at 1,000 yards.
    August O. Zischang, George C. Schoyen, and Harry M. Pope used the Borchardt action as the foundation to build some of the finest and most accurate single shot rifles ever made. The Borchardt Rifle was used in sanctioned National Rifle Association matches at Sea Girt, New Jersey as late as 1900.

The fully machined Sharps Borchardt Action was well ahead of its time in design. It's striker style action with all the energy going forward in line with the bore, quick lock time and single set trigger makes for a precision action that will assist the shooter in achieving their highest shooting goals. Open access to the chamber, draw bolt for the stock and built in tang sight base are three positive features. Model 1878 Sharps Borchardt Sporting Rifle, Borchardt Rifle Corp. has been producing this model for over 10 years. Price for Borchardt Sporting Rifles starting at $4,800, Sights not included.

Model 1878 Story Borchardt Rifle Series 57
This new series 57 rifle will be a Schuetzer/Sporter take down rifle that the customer will be able to order to their specifications. The rifle will come with a Story single set trigger and standard original style trigger. The single set trigger is interchangeable with the original trigger with no alteration to the original Borchardt action. Both Schuetzer style levers and standard lever will come with series 57 rifles. Extra fancy wood to be used. The Series 57 will be offered with two octagon to round barrels. Barrels will be drilled and tapped with dove tail per customer specifications. Both barrels will have forearms as pictured on rifle. Chambering to customer specifications. Al will work with the customer on their choice of manufacturer's barrels. Call for more information on this custom rifle. Tools will be suppplied to assist the shooter to change the barrel.
Price: $8,250.00

The rifle pictured is an example of Al Story's work. The Story Striker Action was designed and built by Al a number of years ago. This strick action is very competitive and with the BRC Premium Barrel, pictured, in 32-40 makes for a hard rifle to beat.

1885 Winchester High Wall Take Down Schuetzer/Sporter
This is a four barrel take down set with both rimfire, block and center fire block with S sytle lever. The rifle was build at Borchardt Rifle Corp.
Al Story with one of his custom Bolt Action Rifles

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